Monday, May 20, 2013

It's my haul y'all!!!!!

Ok, last post today and OMG! I had so much fun!
                                            Heartfelt Creations
                                             Scrap-mart, I forgot the copics!
                                           Our Daily Bread
                                           Scrap Happy Ohio
                                           Stamps of Life

                                         and the BLING!

                                         Now it's time to create. Thanks for checking me out, be back soon.
                                         Please leave a comment to let me know you came by.
MEGA MEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, this is going to be long. I had the most awesome time.  Three days of total fun.

 Emma Lou Beechy, Jackie B. and myself after one of the classes. I took three. awesome!
 Heartfelt Creations booth with Joel, Arnette, Tawanna, Springer and myself. Don't know how I forgot  to get a picture with Mitch :-( These guys were the BEST! 
 The next two pictures are the cards I made in my classes. Best part, I got to be a helper on saturday! Forgot to get a picture of Jennifer  Lowe the teacher. She introduced herself as the original J Lo! She is a great teacher!

                                              More pictures at the Heartfelt Creations booth

Stamps Of Life, my first time seeing their stamps. did not get to do a make and take, super busy!

Stephanie Barnard and my self. She is SO much fun! I am now a member of the club, YAY! They gave out pink bags when you spent $50. They ran out of bags I think the second day. Haha I got mine, 

And yes! Tim Holtz was at Mega Meet He did demos all three days, can I say awesome again!

Tim Holtz, Samara and myself! He really is a great, down to earth guy, A pleasure to meet and talk to!

My favorite son and I.  Took this picture a long time ago (March 28) forgot to post it. Who knew we had the same shirt, lol! Boy, do I look tired or what!?!?! Scandal night, we get together every thursday there is a new episode. YAY
 This card I made for my BEAUTIFUL sister who lives in Los Angeles for Mothers 
day. I  got the idea from a post from Becca (check sidebar for link to her blog!) Amazing Paper Grace. I was so h-a-p-p-y to find Becca's new stamp set at Mega Meet(more about that in the next post!) I also made this one for Michelle.
                                 These two cards I made for my son after a job interview in Chicago.